17 stories high, this water slide is taller than Niagara Falls [vid]

17 stories high, this water slide is taller than Niagara Falls [vid]

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I first experienced the insanity that is Schlitterbahn during a trip to San Antonio, Texas. I rode the “Master Blaster,” an epic uphill water coaster that is now forever burned in my memory. I didn’t think Schlitterbahn water parks could up their game anymore than that, but three years later, they’ve built this:

Currently clocking in at 17 stories, Verrückt is hoping to land the title of “World’s Largest Water Slide.” It’s hard not to watch this video without your mouth hanging open, either from shock, amazement, excitement, or all three. Still under construction, visitors can expect to test the laws of physics this summer at the Kansas City, Missouri location.

(Via Business Insider)

Watch the video: VERRUCKT: Worlds Tallest Water Slide Now Open to Public


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